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I had a facebook memory today from 11 years ago that Harry had responded to all those years ago. It inspired me to come here and take a peek. I just started my 18th year of teaching. Its crazy that I started that journey on this site. There are posts of me moving to England for my first teaching job. Even got to meet piggle in the post above for a brief moment before moving back home to Canada.

I kept the tradition alive of first day PlayStation owner picking up a ps5. Funny thing is I have yet to purchase a PS5 stand alone game. I still play the old PS4 games on it. I mostly play quick style games like Racing games, sports games etc. Just because my life is crazy busy. I get about an hour each evening to play something but am usually so tired I end up just calling it a night. New NHL will probably be my next purcahase.

If anyone stops in, I hope you are all doing well. Crazy memories.

The Magic Is Coming!
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