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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
I haven't gotten deep into the game yet, and I'm still getting used to the controls, but I'm enjoying this game. The better I get at this game the more hooked I become because the combat just feel so good. If there's a story I don't know about it because I haven't been paying attention to it. A lot of games these days are lacking in the fun department, and lacking the replay value that I look for. I feel MGR:R brought me out of my funk simply because of how fun and satisfying it is. I'm hearing it's a short game, but that gives me even more fuel to replay the game on a higher difficulty, especially since you actually unlock meaningful stuff for beating the game on higher difficulties (I'd much rather unlock costumes than pay for them)

I also took someone's advice and ordered DmC: Devil May Cry. I'm expecting it to arrive between today and tomorrow. I don't expect to have his reactions and claim it's the best in the series, but I do expect to have fun and feel satisfied. The combat looks like it'll have that satisfying feel to it, especially after a long day at work. I also hear that this game is fairly short, but again, that's giving me a reason to replay the game.

I'm also trading in a buttload of games (pretty much doing an overhaul in a way). I'm keeping the Metal Gears, Uncharteds, Mass Effects, Halos, Devil May Crys, Ninja Gaidens, and my fighters, but everything else is gone. Not exactly sure what I'll be getting in return.
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