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What racing games are you playing now?

Haven't been around much lately and notice it's been kinda quiet in here. Just checking in...

I got me a new PC about 6 weeks ago and finally have enough system to play some good games on it. Picked up NASCAR Racing '03 off ebay and am having a blast with it. Kinda embarrassed that I played EA's NASCAR PS2 games for all this time. NR2003 is so much better, IMO.

Anyway, been playing GT4 off and on. I like the game alot, but I seem to have to be in a certain mood to play it for some reason. Finally got all silver on all my lisences the other day. Doubt I'll ever even try for gold on all of them, lol.

Play MX vs ATV occasionally, but not alot since I beat the career part. Got F1 Career Challenge a while back at a used place. It's ok, but nothing great.

So what about you guys? What are you racing these days?

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