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Finally remembered my password.

Still kicking. Trying to keep my immune system boosted and get back into shape because, boy, CoVid19 sure does know how to keep one on their toes. Sucks even more for me since I have sinus issues so every time my nose gets congested I tend to worry, but then my temp is normal and then I have a sneezing spell and then I'm like definitely sinus.

I'm still making lithium ion batteries and it's not looking good at all. I'm gonna ride it out though just in case they do decide to lay us off so I can collect unemployment and take about a month off. I have a few options if we do get laid off so it's not doom and gloom (far from it). I just wish that if they are laying us off, just do it and get it over with. Options are to either go back to school for my bachelors (architecture) and get a part-time job, start over and get a degree in probably mechatronics or probably try and find more prototype lab work (auto) or come out of the industry altogether. The last thing I definitely don't want to do is start over with a temp agency because all they've been finding is jobs that start you off at $12-13 an hour and I know I'm worth more than that.

Gaming-wise, uh, it's been mostly fighting games, however, for the last week and a half it's been mostly Dragon Ball Fighterz and Tekken 7. I did play about 20 minutes of Ghost of Tsushima a couple of days ago. That's one I cannot play during the week. I have to save that for the weekend since I have to be at work at 6am.

Outside of gaming, while I've never been into having kids I do have a 6 (I think) year old nephew and a 5 (I think) year niece that stays with me (complicated stuff) that keep me occupied with Super Mario Brothers and My little Pony. I can find stuff for my nephew all day, but my niece. That's a problem. I know nothing when it comes to buying things for little girls.

Peace and blessings. Hope all of you are staying safe. Hopefully I'll be back again before the end of the year.
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