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yup thats just about it.

Yeah guys, that is the best way to defeat evrae.

If you are not strong enough,

Use up your AP and fight more feinds inside the ship.

and if you would like to do it the 'Unofficical' way, If you have the Ability 'Use' then use some of them, like arctic wind, or one of those, such ase thunder gem. but only do that if you want to sort of 'cheat' do it the better and 'Official' way and Make your Aeons and Characters stronger. and raise your MP so you can use magic longer.

Have fun and enjoy Final Fantasy X.

Its a great game, so dont give up.

And remember, Auron is the ultimate.

And if you are new to final fantasy,

Play final fantasy VII,VIII and IX.

if you would like to play the older, original SNES and NES FF's, you can get the emulator and roms for it or just buy the Final Fantasy Chronicles PSone game. it has 1-5 on it.
you can also buy a re-done FFVI.

and if you like Final Fantasy and RPG's in general, play Kingdom hearts. It may look kiddyish, but it is a great game and has the great ff characters Sepiroth (FF VII), Squall, (FF VIII) and Cloud, (FF VII)

and a whole cast of Disney characters.

im sorry if you have played final fantasies before and just baffled on for nothing, but there you go, a guide to final fantasy gaming Mad Dog.

see you on the forums duude.

~Grim Reaper~

and here is a pic of FFXI:
Tactical Espionage Action
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