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I really need to start playing the Uncharted series, or at least Uncharted 2 and 3, but I can never get in the mood to actually play them.

In any case, I've started up DmC: Devil May Cry recently and it's not nearly as bad as fans make it out to be, but it's not as great as some review sites make it out to be either. To be honest, as big a DMC fan I am, my initial reaction when the game was first shown was definitely more on the negative side because of the look. The head guy at NT made Dante resemble himself, and that was a turnoff, but I got over that fairly quick when they changed him up. Anyway, the combat is nice, but they kinda dropped the ball without having a lock-on, and then to top it off you're forced to fight the enemies with a specific type of weapon, and while that's not a deal breaker for me, it does take away the freedom for playing the way you want. With that being said, though, it's still a good game.

With that being said I did put it aside to play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Having a bit of a team crisis at the moment, but I am understanding the game a bit more. Originally I thought the game was super fast, but in the end you really have to take your time. And then the game is just pure fun. Some of the characters I've been dabbling with are Dante (he's just pure fun and my favorite character in the game), Wolverine, Vergil (did I mention how big a fan I am of DMC, but he is on the boring side though), Hawkeye, Spencer, Nova, Taskmaster, and Magneto. I'm also considering Strider as well.

Oh yeah, I also beat Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance as well. It's a good game with tons of replay value, but there are some things that could've been left out. Stealth in this game is just in the way. They have moments in the game where they tell you stealth is the best approach, but the game itself just encourages you to throw stealth out the window and go nuts. I don't recall you being graded on stealth either. It felt horribly tacked on. Speaking of tacked on, the sub weapons. I found no reason to use them what-so-friggin-ever. They really could've been used to include more blades to upgrade or something. But overall, it's a good game.

Some quick pickups.

Dragon Age 2
Infamous 1 & 2
Prototype 1 & 2

I'm also thinking about picking up the Bioshock series.
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