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CrazY_DoG Oct 23rd, 2003 06:56 AM

Defeating Evrae...
Anybody know a quick way to defeat Evrae when you are trying to rescue Yuna...?? I would like to know!!

Qjij_jijQ Oct 23rd, 2003 08:26 AM

Here's the "official" way to beat Evrae...

HP: 32 000
AP: 5 400
Weakness: None
Steal: Water Gem

Start by having Tidus cast Slow on the fiend, and then cast Haste on himself and Rikku. This increases their number of turns throughout the battle, and makes it much easier to use the Trigger Command to communicate with Cid.

Look carefully at the list of character turns on the right side of the screen. When Tidus or Rikku's turn is right before Cid's turn, use the Trigger Command to pull the ship away from Evrae. If you can keep the monster at long range until Cid's next turn thereafter, then he will unleash a volley of missiles at Evrae.

The dragon may counter with the Swooping Scythe attack to get close to the ship again. Eventually, Evrae will inhale on one turn and exhale Poison Breath on its next turn. Whenever the party is impaired with status ailments, have Rikku use an Al Bhed Potion. Evrae will then cast Haste on itself, thus nullifying Slow spells. To counter Evrae's enhanced speed, have Tidus cast Haste on as many characters as possible.

Your choice of party members depends on whether Evrae is close or far away. When Evrae is near the ship, use physical attacks with characters like Tidus, Auron, Kimahri, and Rikku. When Evrae is far away, use Lulu and Wakka. But since Evrae halves all magical damage, Lulu will be mostly ineffective unless she knows Firaga, Waterga, Thundaga, or Blizzaga. Kimahri can also use his Lancet ability to siphon some HP from the dragon.

You'll need a healthy supply of Al Bhed Potions and Mega Phoenixes to keep your characters alive so that you can collect as much AP as possible.

... Good luck!

ssjtrunks13 Oct 23rd, 2003 07:37 PM

That pretty much sums it up, though there are a few things I would add.

First, if you like to get all your characters some AP for the fights leave Tidus and Rikku in at all times but just switch out the third person using each of the characters' overdrives.

Second, make sure each character has their overddrive full, also make sure your most powerful summon has their overddrive at max and that would most likely be Valefor since his overddrive is non-elemental

and Third, you might want to save your most powerful overddrive to deliver the last blow in hopes of getting an overkill

That's about all the things I did in addition to the afforementioned strategy. I hope all this helps.

Vulcan Raven Oct 23rd, 2003 10:03 PM

yup thats just about it.
Yeah guys, that is the best way to defeat evrae.

If you are not strong enough,

Use up your AP and fight more feinds inside the ship.

and if you would like to do it the 'Unofficical' way, If you have the Ability 'Use' then use some of them, like arctic wind, or one of those, such ase thunder gem. but only do that if you want to sort of 'cheat' do it the better and 'Official' way and Make your Aeons and Characters stronger. and raise your MP so you can use magic longer.

Have fun and enjoy Final Fantasy X.

Its a great game, so dont give up.

And remember, Auron is the ultimate.

And if you are new to final fantasy,

Play final fantasy VII,VIII and IX.

if you would like to play the older, original SNES and NES FF's, you can get the emulator and roms for it or just buy the Final Fantasy Chronicles PSone game. it has 1-5 on it.
you can also buy a re-done FFVI.

and if you like Final Fantasy and RPG's in general, play Kingdom hearts. It may look kiddyish, but it is a great game and has the great ff characters Sepiroth (FF VII), Squall, (FF VIII) and Cloud, (FF VII)

and a whole cast of Disney characters.

im sorry if you have played final fantasies before and just baffled on for nothing, but there you go, a guide to final fantasy gaming Mad Dog.

see you on the forums duude.

~Grim Reaper~

and here is a pic of FFXI:

CrazY_DoG Oct 24th, 2003 11:41 AM

Thx a lot!! I've beaten Evrae totaly down today... hehe... I only used Lulu, Rikku and Tidus.... I just got a LOT stronger by fighting fiends on the ship... When I had Flare with Lulu, and had Hastega and gave about 2000 dmg with tidus... I kicked Evrae's but!! hehe
Once again... THX!!

moo Feb 27th, 2009 07:45 AM

would someone help me??

moo Feb 27th, 2009 07:46 AM

peeps sup? i need help plz help!! need!!

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