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Welcome to the PsFantasy.com Forums.
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Support Ps2Fantasy.com's Network
Ps2Fantasy.com is an independent website that from its launch, on May 27th, 2001, has provided a serious, professional, free-thinking resource about video games, combined with an excellent, unique community of gamers and people from all over the world. In these years many have kept on visiting us and became more than visitors: friends, contributors, people who make the soul of our community.

The website has gone through three major redesigns; the forums have been upgraded 5 times. We are now also planning to expand our services with new websites.

That fantasy in the name is not there by chance. We still believe in romanticism, in the possibility to live a better life by keeping our minds free to roam and free to think on their own. But the reality of the Internet and of a website is also made of maintenance costs that, in our case, can be sometimes high.

You can read Harry's "Support Ps2Fantasy.com" thread, and post your opinions, here.

It's also thanks to these people if you can enjoy these forums and this website. All the staff at Ps2Fantasy.com would like to thank these friends for their generosity and love for Ps2Fantasy.com!

Platinum Level Donors
Drafter-T - $40
Frozen - $100
Goodman - $50
Hylas - $100
Jjmoohead - $50
MakgSnake - $77
Merylsilverburg - $150
Mourdor - $250
Redpyramidhead - $150

Gold Level Donors
Chara - $20
Faile - $25
Kupoartist - $25
Piggle_humsy - $20
Solid: Snake - $20

How can I support Ps2Fantasy.com?
Donations are currently closed. Thanks all for your support!

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