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Old Mar 5th, 2004, 09:41 PM   #1
Cream Puff
IcyMourdor's Avatar
Joined: Jan 2002
Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Age: 33
Posts: 2,713
IcyMourdor is on a distinguished road

I know there have been numerous threads about your favorite something or other. Well, this is gonna be a refresher for some.

Post your favorite ANYTHING about FF:

Battle System
Love Story
Weapon Type

Feel free to add more topics. I'll post if this gets going...if not, then it'll just die like most of my threads. (Can't blame me for trying )
You will walk in fire, earth, water, and air, through temptation, and at last into despair and desolation.
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Old Mar 6th, 2004, 12:08 AM   #2
Nelo Angelo
Victory is Mine!
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Joined: Dec 2002
Location: :O
Age: 31
Posts: 530
Nelo Angelo is on a distinguished road
Hero: Squall(Or Ramza......)
Heroine: Terra
Battle System: Can't decide between 6 or 8......
Music: Err......I liked the music on most of them.
Love Story: LOL, no way I can answer that.
Magic: Nuke, Meteo, and Ultima
Summon: Knights of the Round Table(You know that summon is BADASS)
Element: All of them.
Weapon: Lionheart
Weapon Type: Gunblade(Truly a weapon for absolute greatness)
Accessory: Ribbon(Hahaha)
Monster(Boss monsters included): Atma

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Old Mar 6th, 2004, 04:54 AM   #3
kupoartist's Avatar
Joined: Mar 2002
Location: pixel-land
Age: 32
Posts: 2,576
kupoartist is on a distinguished road
Hero: Ramza (any guy who walks into a bar and orders milk gets my vote . the whole sub-story revolving round his family was brilliant.)

Heroine: Terra (one of VI's heroines, and therefore one of 3 female main characters. She's not a reject from Charlies Angels, so she's the best!)

Villian: Sephiroth (even over the madness of Kefka... he has the sword: the sword I say!)

Battle System: Final Fantasy Tactics (more than just a "change of scene", it's far more absorbing than usual FF)

Music: Final Fantasy VI (yes, the audio chip on the SNES had serious limitations when compared to the consoles that came after it, but Uematsu's composition was better than ever.)

Love Story: Rinoa / Squall (1. they're not portrayed by annoying voice actors, and are just not basically unlikeable (not Yuna/Tidus) 2. They actually clearly have a relationship (Tifa/Cloud) 3. They actually do stuff! eg, Best bit: floating in space...)

Magic: Selphie's The End... not that i've EVER seen it

Summon: Cactuar! (short, very cute, and basically powerful enough to fall back on in the majority of fights.)

Element: bah @ elements! i'm strictly Non Elemental

Weapon: T.G Cid's Excalibur... it gets outclassed later, but it gives him a 500% edge over the competiton as soon as you get him. You'll swear that you gamesharked him in...

Weapon Type: Spears/Lances

Accessory: Ribbon, it's girl exclusive. Well girl, hermaphrodite and cross-dresser exclusive anyhow. And dancers... ah I forget...

Monster: Jumbo Cactuar (just when you thought that FF8 wasn't going to get anymore crazy...)

Player Class: Dragoon

FF Animal: Moogle! (duh)

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Old Mar 8th, 2004, 09:03 AM   #4
Carpe Diem Baby!
Spank-A-Thon's Avatar
Joined: Jan 2002
Location: Liverpool, UK
Age: 44
Posts: 664
Spank-A-Thon is on a distinguished road
Hero: Cloud Strife. Here was one seriously messed up dude who managed to overcome his inner demons and become the man.

Heroine: Aeris Gainsborough. Although not my favourite female character, she is by far the most heroic. She willingly sacrificed her life goddamit!

Villian: Gimme a dash of Kefka, add a splash of Sephiroth and what do you get? Kuja. Evil, insane and super tough - but ultimately a tragic figure. Could there be a more suitable villain?

Battle System: Hmmm, the first FF I played was VII. I love the materia system and ATB was enjoyable... but I also loved CTB and the sphere grid from FFX. Then there was the battles system from Tactics too.... I gotta go with VIII. I loved the combos you could create with the materia system.

Music: Hmmm, for me it's only a debate between VI and VII.... Can I say both?

Love Story: Rinoa and Squall felt too contrived - plus they both annoyed me. Tidus and Yuna was nicely done but just lacked a certain something. The Cloud/Aeris/Tifa love triangle was particularly well done I thought... but in the end it comes down to one... It has to be Garnet and Zidane! I loved the ending! I loved the way, despite all the knockbacks, Zidane kept persisting and the way Garnet slowly succumbed to his charm. Brilliantly executed in a funny and moving way.

Magic: Don't really have a favourite magic - I only used what was needed in a given situation.

Summon: Bahamut Zero (FFVII) - awesome!

Element: See 'Magic'.

Weapon: Dunno

Weapon Type: Probably swords or daggers

Accessory: Ribbon - and Kupoartist, all characters can wear a ribbon!

Monster: Adamantine

Player Class: Thief. Always fast, great a nicking stuff - what more can you want!

FF Animal: Has to be a Chocobo

- S
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Old Mar 8th, 2004, 11:35 AM   #5
kupoartist's Avatar
Joined: Mar 2002
Location: pixel-land
Age: 32
Posts: 2,576
kupoartist is on a distinguished road
Originally posted by Spank-A-Thon
Accessory: Ribbon - and Kupoartist, all characters can wear a ribbon!
ah yes... clearly i've played too much FF Tactics for my own good:

Cloud can equip Swords, Hats and Clothes.
Surprisingly he can also equip Ribbons, he is the only male able to do that.
(from This FF Tactics Faq)

oh and apparently Dark Knight Cecil can't equip it either...
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Old Feb 12th, 2005, 04:00 PM   #6
Soul Angel
Senior Member
Soul Angel's Avatar
Joined: Jan 2002
Location: Um...? *Pulls out map*
Age: 35
Posts: 1,887
Soul Angel is on a distinguished road
Hehe Bringing back a slighty old thread, but here it goes;

Hero: Zidane Tribal. Just got to love his character

Heroine: Hmm I don't really have a complete favourite one, I like them all for different reasons.

Villian: A tie between Kuja & Sephiroth.

Battle System: I like both FFVII & IX.

Music: All of them really.

Love Story: I have to agree with Spank-A-Thon here, its going to have to be FFIX's with Zidane and Garnet. I just like the way it was set up and how in the end they both get together, really well done. Zidane finally gets his girl.

Magic: I really don't have a favourite, I like them all.

Summon: Tough one! I'll have to Bahamut Zero though. A really nice summon.

Element: Same with the magic really.

Weapon:Squall's Gunblade Lionheart. I love the look of it.

Weapon Type: Swords and Daggers I guess when it comes to rpgs.

Accessory: The Ribbon. Need I say more!

"I'm back! But for how long who knows? But PS2Fantasy will always be on my mind!"
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Old Feb 12th, 2005, 11:26 PM   #7
Cream Puff
IcyMourdor's Avatar
Joined: Jan 2002
Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Age: 33
Posts: 2,713
IcyMourdor is on a distinguished road
Holy leaping Jesus on a pogo stick Batman! All the old threads are reappearing. I never did post mine...

Hero: Locke (FF6), his character is almost like me. Always chivalrous and always looking for something to help.

Heroine: Aeris Gainsbrough (FF7), awesome ability in using materia and an ideal gf if she was real. (I'm lonely, hehe)

Villian: Wiegraf (FFT), he was an honorable villian who fought for what he believed in before he sold his soul to the Zodiac Stones.

Battle System: ATB (numerous titles), who can complain about the ATB?

Music: (FF6) Rachel's theme, Opera House, Boss Theme, Cyan's theme, its all amazing.

Love Story: Locke and Rachel. Okay, so it wasn't a huge part of the game. But come on, this was his reason for doing things. He spent his life to attempt to bring her back to life.

Summon: Shiva, a woman and an ice-elemental.

Element: Ice, i love the cold and winter.

Weapon: Cid's Venus Gospel (FF7) or Mog's Pearl Lance (FF6), some of the most powerful polearms out there.

Weapon Type: Polearms (including spears), an actual weapon I had some training with, so it already gained my favorite spot.

Accessory: Genji Glove (FF5, FF6, FFT), allows someone to carry two weapons. Awesome to use in one on one fights.

Monster: Atma (FF6), this beast is freaky. His flare killed me numerous times.

Player Class: Dragoon, most skilled with polearms and befriends dragons, definately the class I would be.

Animal: Tonberries, I used to have a little plushie of one. Their cute little knife and their useless little lantern couldn't possibly do anything to me. Oh look, he comes one now...
You will walk in fire, earth, water, and air, through temptation, and at last into despair and desolation.
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Old Feb 13th, 2005, 12:15 AM   #8
Night Elven Rogue
Dactrius's Avatar
Joined: Nov 2002
Location: England, United Kingdom
Age: 34
Posts: 333
Dactrius is on a distinguished road
Hero: Cloud Strife
Heroine: Yuna
Villian: Sephiroth
Battle System: ATB
Music: FFVII
Love Story: Tidus/Yuna
Magic: Ultima, always

1. Shiva (A fan favourite)
2. The Magus Sisters
3. Buhamut

Element: Ice
Weapon: Ultima Weapon (Cloud, FFVII) for looks, Nosada (FFTA) for practicality.
Weapon Type: Swords (Yes, I'm bland)
Accessory: Ribbon
Game Status:

[PS2]: N/A
[XBox]: N/A
[GC]: N/A
[PC]: N/A
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Old Nov 3rd, 2007, 06:47 AM   #9
Registered User
amarant_coral's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2007
Location: Britainland
Age: 30
Posts: 17
amarant_coral is on a distinguished road
Hero: Squall Leonhart
Heroine: Celes Chere
Villian: Absolutely HAS to be Kefka
Battle System: ATB (esp. from V and IX), and - strangely - the ADB from XII
Music: Either VI, IX or X (Black Mages ROXXOR!!)
Love Story: Cecil and Rosa. For no reason other than that's one of the only pairings that I like both characters in. Failing that, Irvine and Selphie or Freya and Fratley
Destructive Magic: Flare ftw
Curative Magic: Gotta be Curaja, or Esunaga
Summon: NONE from VII - they are so overplayed (especially a certain group of large and unerringly slow knights I won't care to mention...). I think either Shiva, Bahamut, Diablos or Cuchulainn
Element: Fire. I'm so stereotypical...
Weapon: Squall's Flame Saber (VIII), Amarant's Avenger (IX), Auron's Masamune (X)
Weapon Type: Invariably, swords. Especially big scary-looking ones (a la Masamune)
Accessory: Either the Genji Glove, the AP Egg or the Ribbon. That's pretty much that
Field Monster: Bomb or Behemoth
Boss Monster: Ultros!!!
Class: Dark Knight
Animal: Unfortunately, Chocobos have to win for me. BOCO!!!
Safe Location (that is, with no monsters in it): Daguerreo (IX)
Hostile Location (that is, with monsters in it): The Cloister of Trials in X-2. This is probably one of X-2's only positive features...
Airship: Hilda Garde 3, or maybe the Strahl.
Other Vehicle: The Dune Buggy from IV

... so there.
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Old Nov 5th, 2007, 08:11 PM   #10
Senior Member
Phenom's Avatar
Joined: Oct 2004
Location: Detroit
Age: 34
Posts: 870
Phenom is on a distinguished road
Hero - Squall (FFVIII) and Cloud (FFVII). What can I say? I've only played those two games and FFX, and I didn't stick with X so "shrugs". And I like anti-social heroes lol.

Heroine - Tifa (FFVII). Probably because she was good in Advent Children.

Villian - Sephiroth (FFVII). Not much to say here lol.

Battle System - Junction (FFVIII). It may take a lot of time, but I like it that way because in seven I was pretty selfish with the better magics... Oh yea, the ATB gauge. I've alot more use to it now. (I use to not be a fan of these types of games.)

Music - FFVII and VIII has some nice music.

Love Story - I don't care for love stories.

Magic - I think Firaga... I haven't seen too many magics since I've been relying on physical attacks and limit breaks.

Summon - Knights of the Round Table (FFVII). My mouth dropped when I first saw it.

Element - Don't know

Weapon - Lionheart (FFVIII).

Weapon Type - Swords.

Accessory - Don't know. It's been a long time since I've played FF7.
Current Game
SSF4: AE2012 - Ken, Ryu, Evil Ryu
SF3rd Strike - Yang, Ken, Ryu

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Old Nov 8th, 2007, 02:54 PM   #11
Senior Member
Meiko's Avatar
Joined: Jun 2003
Location: Wales
Age: 32
Posts: 537
Meiko is on a distinguished road
Hero : Squall
Heroine : Rinoa
Villian : Kefka
Battle System : FFVIII
Music : FFX
Love Story : Squall/Rinoa
Magic : Meteor
Summon : Shiva or Carbuncle (kawaii!)
Element : Holy
Weapon : I don't have one only
Weapon Type : long range or rods
Accessory : don't know
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Old Nov 8th, 2007, 03:47 PM   #12
Pu the Owl
Useless Oracle™
Pu the Owl's Avatar
Joined: Jan 2002
Location: Everywhere
Posts: 5,136
Pu the Owl is on a distinguished road
Hero: Balthier
Heroine: Freya Crescent
Villain: Kuja
Battle System: FFXI or FFXII - I hate random battles!
Music: FFIX
Love Story: Freya and Fratley. It's so sad though. Or Laguna and Raine. Very sad too.
Magic: Ultima
Summon: Diablos
Weapon: the Tournesol sword has a nice design.
Weapon Type: Spears
Accessory: Ribbon
Monster: Tonberry - I like the way this little fella goes around with lantern and chef's knife, and I'm just a masochist at heart.
Animal: Moogles, if you consider them "animals"...
Location: the Black Mage Village in IX or Windurst in XI
Airship: the Strahl reminded me of the Millennium Falcon, so it has to win.
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