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Old Sep 10th, 2008, 01:53 PM   #1
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I played Gears2, Met with Cliff B, and...

the game is pretty good, but pretty much the SAME thing as Gears! (Which isn't that bad of a thing), and Cliff Bleszinski is by far the coolest developer I have met!

I played the game at X08 that happened in Toronto. I met Cliff Bleszinski, talked to him, he demostrated the single player to me (Same level from E3). But the cool thing was that, he was carrying a Polaroid picture of Dom and his Wife in his wallet, showing to all the journalist there. (Which will be included in the Collector Edtion of Gears of War 2).

One thing that KINDA bothered me was when I asked him about the new weapons. Cliff did talk about some new stuff, but nothing MAJOR. One handgun here, one flame thrower there. But thats it. I was hoping for the game to have Locust Sniper Rifle or different new weapons. Any way, Cliff Bleszinski did mention that the game mode HORDE will completely blew everybodys mind.

I even asked him about the Active Reloaded Sniper Rifle not downing the person anymore when hit anywhere in the Body, and he said that "It become a noOb weapon and people were not using it as a Sniper Rifle so its removed".

While playing the Multiplayer of Gears 2 (They had 10 Tvs and Xbox 360 Hooked on System Link), I noticed little animation tweaks, which were pretty good. All in all. The game didn't have HUGE leap over Gears 1. But still pretty fun.

I am excited that the game supports Party System like HALO 3, and Call of Duty 4, and you get to choose your weapon in the beginning of the match now (Only from the two guns - Lancer or Hammer Burst [Which is a great weapon now, they improved it alot, thank god])

In the end, I asked him, why he wants to be called or to refer only as Cliff Bleszinski now, and no more Cliffy B? His answer --> " I just want to F$CK around with people"... funny guy I suppose.

Oh yeah one more thing. Tried a full blown level of Call of Duty: World at War. With the Double Barrel Shotgun and everything. and I must say, NONE OF YOU will be disappointed by TreyArch this time around. It was simply amazing. Think COD4 graphics (A little better in fact) but with WWII era and weapons. Everything was amazing in that game. Just amazing. I cant wait till Nov 11th! Or for the BETA to be released in October.

Cliff B also played Call of Duty: World at War for a bit, When I asked Cliff about what he thinks of Call of Duty: World at War? His answer "Its Tight"..

Just thought I would share!

Here are two images. Enjoy.

Cliff and Mak'g

Mak's with Cod: WaW at the background.
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