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Invincible the next (new part 2)

Chapter XVI
Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I dropped to my knees an started to cry, I was consumed with a little fear, hope, but mostly alone, but now I was faced with a new challenge find my family. I quickly looked up and noticed that they were taking aim, I raised my hands in the air while I was still on my knees and hit the ground, I then went unconscious. But to help with the story I will tell you what happened when I hit the ground the whole planet blew up in one big energy blast that started from me and destroyed every thing on the planet including it but this I did not know until later.

Back to the story I was unconscious and woke up on a different planet with not a clue of how I got there or what happened to the last planet but I had a terrible headache that would not go away. I started to look around, and saw something in the distance but as I started to run to it, no matter how fast I ran I could not get to it. I must have run for hours and still it was that far away. So then I stop.

"Well lets think about this one, my friends and family are not dead they are on a planet called Earo which I have no idea where that is, or how to get there. Then there is the Dark Angels fallowing me under the command of a commander on the warpath for me. Well it has been quite a while since I have had a nice game of cat and mouse." I said as I say a sigh of relief and a smirk crosses my face.

I take another look around and spot something moving in the distance to my right, but I just saw a glimpse of it because it moved faster than anything that I have seen before. I continue to look to my right and did not see anything else, then I slowly turn my head to the left and see something moving again, is it the same thing? This time I keep my eyes on it or at least I tried to. As I kept traveling in this same direction I noticed a small village growing ever so close, and clear. As I focused on the half destroyed village I lost sight of what was hunting me. I made my way to the village without any trouble and I saw no more of my new friend. For a brief moment I felt like I was back home, the houses that were destroyed, the way the town was built it look like I was back on earth. It was so real I could hardly stop my self from crying.

Chapter XVII

Stopping in my tracks I look down and at my feet laid a doll, but not just a normal doll. This doll was the same as my sisters, exactly the same. How did it get here? A question that I am not sure I want the answer to. I pick it up and realize that a faint but distinct beeping sound was being emitted from the doll, it started to beep faster and faster, and then I realized what it was. It was almost too late. I threw it as hard as I could but it did not get to far before it blew. The force was so great that it knocked my back a good 20 feet.

"What the hell kind of explosion was that?" I said as I stand back up and brush some dirt off of me. "C4? No it couldn't be explosion was to big."

All of a sudden out of nowhere a tall but built figure emerged.

"Nice, no one has ever dodged that one before, not C4, but rather Sim 86," said the figure.

"Who the **** are you?! Tell me now," I demanded to know.

"Me? I am like you, both good at one thing" he said.

"What's that?" I said as I reached for my guns.

"Killing, but unlike you I don't dwell on the past, So I have been sent here to make sure that you meet your past. I am here to kill you. He said with confidence.

"Fine then you are welcome to take your shot but, your friends I think would like you to change your mind, but before we start what is your name?" I wanted to know

At this time my guns are in hand but not pointed.

"Fine then, if that is the last thing that you want to know before I kill you. I will tell you. I am Reid of the dark angels. Gifted with speed, and a knack for death, good enough?" he said as he reached for a long spear with electricity emerging from it.

"That will do but…….." I got cut off as I start to speak.

"Just one more thing, those basic and crude weapons of yours wont do a thing to me. I just thought that I should give you an advantage because you're going to need it." Reid said with confidence.

"Well thanks for the tip, but don't interrupt me again. It is time to start I think and I think that I will see for my self how well my "crude" weapons work on you." I said as I assumed my starting position.

As I stood there waiting for the fight to began, I began thinking about that doll again. As I thought to myself and became distracted for only a moment, I realized that he was gone. I could not fallow him, but then he appeared behind me and shocked me with his weapon of choice, over 10000 volts of electricity surged through my veins causing me to drop to the ground.

well sorry it took so long, I have been busy with the military and stuff, but I am now fully working on it and will post parts sooner, hope you like it
Vini Vidi Vici

victory comes to those who want it the most

i am only mearly surviving
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