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Originally Posted by merylsilverburg

For those who don't know, the BB Corps is the new unit in MGS4. The "BB" stands for "Beauty and the Beast." They consist of 4 females dressed in armor relating to their codename: Raging Raven, Laughing Octopus, Screaming Mantis, and Crying Wolf. Their names obviously were inspired by the codenames for the bosses in MGS (Vulcan Raven, Decoy Octopus, Psycho Mantis, and Sniper Wolf).

I think this is a unique concept and although I admit I'm not too crazy about the entire team being female (although it makes sense since the Cobra Unit were all men), I'm pretty sure they will deliver. Thankfully, Kojima tends to make his female characters have rather strong mentalities and personalities with a lot of depth, so it shouldn't be too painful (hopefully).

I also love their gear and how it relates to their codenames - they look rather formidable. Also, I can understand why Kojima wanted to use the same codenames for the BB unit (recreating MGS' FOXHOUND unit thereby tying the series) but I don't know whether this unit can live up to the reputations of the original bosses...they were so memorable.
See, there is one thing I DONT like about these BEAUTY and the BEAST is that....... the main idea or the concept has been taken from the Shadow Moses Incident (Metal Gear Solid on PsOne).

I hope you guys are getting what I am actually saying. So these Beasts that we talk about aren't ORIGINAL. They are not someone we havn't seen before, I agree that they dont look like the original villans of the series and def are not going react and battle the same way, and might have new personality of their own. BUT STILL, the names and the idea is taken from PART 1 of the game. This is what bothers me alot. Kojima did the same thing with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty........ taking the whole back story of the original Metal Gear Solid and making a new game out of it. And he is kinda doing it again. Always stealing from his own old games! He should stop it already. I love this game (not in the same way you love your lover!!) but he has gotto stop this.

Also the Johnny Scene with Solid Snake in the trailer....(Have you even taken off the safety rookie) is from Metal Gear Solid... which Snake had with Meryl. I mean all this is been there and done that, and I know that we like the fact, these scenes are going to bring back some memories, we need new scenes and comdey and actions that we shall remember for the rest of our lives.

I am not at all disappointed with these BEST AND THE BEAST....antagonists. I just hope Kojima can come with some Original villans as well, so we can get excited like a little 6 year old girl.
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