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I see what you mean by the lack of FPV in MGS but Snake's gun does semi-automatically aim at the target when you're pointing. The red beam points towards your target and you just shoot.

Of course, if you're not used to it then you can always play MGS: The Twin Snakes provided you have a GameCube (I forget, do you still have one or did you get rid of it?). Twin Snakes is simply the remake of MGS and you can use the same FPV that was implemented in MGS2. I would highly recommend playing the original one way or the other because while the BB Corps may be similar to the FOXHOUND unit, there's nothing like experiencing the original's bosses with their individuality and personality. Of course, the only things I found wrong with this remake is the new dialogue for Snake (I still can't get over his stupid and annoying yells of rage when talking to some of the characters like Kenneth Baker when he did NOTHING like that in the original) and Snake's newfound acrobatic skills such as doing backflips and stepping atop airborne missiles. This is merely everyone's own opinion though - I just don't like it as much.
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