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Originally Posted by MakgSnake
BUT STILL, the names and the idea is taken from PART 1 of the game. This is what bothers me alot. Kojima did the same thing with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty........ taking the whole back story of the original Metal Gear Solid and making a new game out of it. And he is kinda doing it again. Always stealing from his own old games! He should stop it already. I love this game (not in the same way you love your lover!!) but he has gotto stop this.
I agree and disagree. It's true that Kojima does seem to have a tendency to rehash his materials from the previous games and add a new twist here and there. But I think I can see why he's does this. If this is truly supposed to be the final game in the MGS line then by recreating some parts of Shadow Moses and the bosses is bringing the series full circle. I suppose by doing this, Kojima shows that history repeats itself or that incidents in the past always comes back to haunt us. Only through confronting it or taking care of the problem (ala MGS4) will end it. So I guess it's to say that the Shadow Moses incident wasn't truly finalized so with the same events recreated in MGS4 will things finally be done and finished.

Sorry if my post doesn't make sense, I'm a little bit tired and my brain isn't working at full gear at the moment.
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