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I absolutely love FFXII. It's probably the best Final Fantasy game that I have ever played before (I only played FFVIII through FFXII though). The NPC's, the people that you can talk to on the streets, in the markets, or anywheres on your journey, are quite fantastic. I love the idea of making it feel like an MMORPG, but not making it that way. It was their first attempt at that, and Square-Enix did a fantastic job on it.

I'm currently 39 hours into the game, and have not finished it yet, but I will soon, hopefully. So far, the character that I love the most is Balthier, although I haven't used in him in battle in forever, because I like to use Vaan, Basch, and Ashe as my party leaders. LOL, Balthier, Fran, and Penelo are close to like Level 10, while Vaan, Basch, and Ashe are Level 40.

It's a great game, and will keep me busy until I buy Resistance: Fall of Man for my newly bought PS3.
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