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Originally Posted by kupoartist
Cloud's rather lenghty cross-dressing interlude (which if you have all the best items chooses the Don to pick cloud, and his taking you to bed doesn't end until the others burst in!), the big gay hot-tub at the Honey Bee Inn (one of the things you can do in the quest to make Cloud the prettiest girl in the FF7 party) and the Barret version of the Gold Saucer date pretty much outweigh the gaiety found in any other FF game. I was always a little suspicious of the Gold Saucer owner too
Oh, these scenes. Unfortunately, my Cloud wasn't chosen although I could've sworn I did everything there was to do.

Hmm, I guess Cloud's to blame for all the current effeminate outfits, j/k

Originally Posted by kupoartist
I hear good things about the voice acting in FFXII.
That's a relief because I don't want to have to wait until I'm in the middle of the game to finally get used to the voices, like in FFX.
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