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Phenom Jul 11th, 2005 04:30 AM

Just being curious
Which is ironic, cuz normally I don't care =p, but in this case I'm just curious to know everyone's GF setup in FFVIII. Which GF did you give to which character? Disk 1 I gave Quez..... to Squall, Shiva to Quistis/Seifer/Sephie. "shrugs" Ifrit to Zell.

When I got Siren, gave it to Selphie
When I got Diablos, gave it to Squall (naturally =D)
When I got Brothers, gave it to Zell.
When I got Carbuncle, gave it to Squall.... and so forth.

Now that I'm on disk 4...(just got there so no I don't have all the GF's yet) it's all stupid and out of control... XD.

Squall has all my favorite GF's. (and Cactaur)
Zell has Ifrit, Alexander, Leviathan, and Siren)
Irvine has Shiva, Brothers, Carbuncle, Pandemona)

That leaves Squall with Cerebus(sp?), Quez(whatever), Doomtrain, Cactaur, Diablos.
That's all the GF's I have as well. So don't cut me up for not having all of them yet.

So yea, what is your setup or what was your setup?

IcyMourdor Jul 12th, 2005 06:16 PM

Lets see, my party was:

Squall: Shiva, Doomtrain, Cerebus, Eden, Tonberry, Diablo
Rinoa: Quezacotl, Leviathan, Cactuar, Siren, Brothers
Quistis: Ifrit, Pandemona, Alexander, Bahamut, Carbuncle

I actually had to load my old file to see that one. I haven't played in such a long time.

EDIT: If you need any hints on where to get the other gfs, just ask, I'm pretty sure Kupo or myself would be able to tell ya.

Phenom Jul 13th, 2005 02:08 AM

Hmm.... now that you mention it. When is a good time to go get Eden and Bahamut? I know I can only get them when I aquire the Ragnarok, but should get them as soon as I get the ship or while I'm in Ultimacea's (meh, how do you spell her name?) castle?

IcyMourdor Jul 13th, 2005 03:01 AM

Actually, the sooner the better. Bahamut can be a tough fight, but you can do it if your party is around 50 or higher. I found that the area down there after Bahamut is probably the best place to level up in the game. Just cast Doomtrain at the beginning of any battle down there since all the enemies are weak to the status changes, making the battles end in no more than 10secs. And since you get 500-700exp a battle. Every two battles is a level. However, Ultima Weapon isn't a joke. Draw Eden in the first round so you don't have to worry about the gf during the battle. I was around 75 when I beat him my first time.

happy_doughnut Jul 13th, 2005 03:32 PM

Wow, it's been such a long time since I last played FF8, that I hardly remember how I used to junction the GFs to the characters. Let's see if I can...
  • Squall :love:: Diablos, Bahamut, and later on, Eden. Important abilities for this group: Counter, Cover, auto-Protect, HP +80%, Str +60%, Revive.
  • Rinoa (:sarcasm:): Leviathan and Pandemona. Important abilities: SumMag +40%, Magic +60%, ElemAtk x4, Recover, auto-Shell.
  • Quistis: Siren, Cerberus, and Alexander. Important abilities: Magic +60%, ElemDef x4, Spd +40%, atuo-Shell.
  • Zell: Quezacolt, Shiva, and Tonberry King (just cause Zell beat him XD). [i]Important abilities: ElemAtk x4, Str +60%, Spd +40%.
  • Selphie: Carbuncle, Doomtrain, Jumbo Cactuary. Important abilities: auto-Haste, Magic +60%, Spr +60%, auto-Shell, auto-Protect, Return Damage.
  • Irvine: Ifrit, The Brothers. Important abilities: Str +60%, HP +80%, Vit +60%.

Yep, I found that pairing up the guardian forces with these specific characters worked best for me. Admittedly, some of the GF, like Tonberry King and Carbuncle (although very cute), I didn't use as much. In fact, Tonberry wasn't a very important GF for me, aside from its ability to let you use any shop you've already been to, which you will see come in handy very much later in the game (think disc 4). Carbuncle, well... I dunno about the rest, but I was never a fan of Reflect magic. Sure it's great to null and throw back the lesser magics (like the ones labeled fire1, fire2, fire3, etc), but I didn't find it useful for the devastating magics, like Ultima, Flater, Meteor because, uh, it doesn't work! Plus, later in the game you find yourself in need of healing magic during battles, and if Reflect is there, well, unless you quickly cast reflect on the enemies before casting healing magic, then you're screwed. Not good. That's why after around Disc 2, I found Carbuncle to be of not much use and only kept him around for his innate abilities.

The abilities I choose I think work great with my particular set-up. I do think you can only junction 3 or 4 abilities at a time, though, so sometimes you end up swapping them for particular points in the game. Also, some of the abilities I listen do not pertain to the respective GFs; I obtained a lot of cool abilities via items for the GFs. Some were really hard to find and very pricey, though.

Oh, and Mourdor has a good point: Aside from the islands on the edges of the eastern and western hemisperes on the map (Island closest to Hell and Heaven), the location where you find Bahamut is a great place to level up. Doomtrain is excellent for that because of the status' it causes on enemies thwarting their attacks, but if for some reason it is unavailable, you can always use Siren and the Status Atk-Junc ability.

And Mourdor is right again: You should get those GFs ASAP, not only because they are some of the strongest in the game, but also because getting them in Ultimecia's castle can be a bitch. It's actually a bit harder than people think.

Spoiler: show
Man, I LOVED the final battle. The randomness of it made me get all excited and crap. Argh! But I HATED it when I got Rinoa in my team. :mad: Stupid girl. It's all her fault! :mean:

But yes... don't you love this game? ^__^

Nelo Angelo Jul 13th, 2005 05:14 PM

I barely remember, it's been so long and by the time I got all the GFs my Squall, Zell, and Irvine could dish out more damage then the GFs with limit breaks.

Squall I think had: Shiva, Alexander, Eden, Diablos, Pandemona, and Bahamut

Zell had: Ifrit, Tonberry King, Doomtrain, Cactaur, the Brothers.

Irvine had: Carbuncle, Quezacolt, Leviathan, and Cerberus

Phenom Jul 14th, 2005 02:00 AM

@ Happy - LOL at your spoiler. I use to HATE Rinoa myself. I found her annoying as hell, but afterwards..

Spoiler: show
I think it was when Squall went after Rinoa in space, she almost died.
I've began to grow fond of Rinoa. Don't ask... I am so ashamed.. >_< (I almost cried... sentimental bastard... {talking about myself})

I usually hate RPG's, but after playing this one. I got it. I still don't lik RPG's, but I do respect them, and I do like this game ^_^.

kupoartist Jul 16th, 2005 09:33 AM

IIRC, getting Eden is far easier in Ultemecia's castle. It's a pain in the butt just getting to Ultima Weapon to draw it (walk 5 paces, battle hard monsters, repeat) and the alternative enemy is easier to get to, draw from and defeat. I'm pretty sure that the enemy in question is Tiamat, which is one of the enemies furthest into the castle (
Spoiler: show
therefore, you have unlocked more menu abilities by that point
). Always keep a look out for drawable GFs in Ulty's castle: any you've missed show up there.

Which GF's did I give to who? Hmm... lets see ^_^. I sometimes matched up personalities and sometimes I just generally went and randomly gave them out.

Shiva: Squall (they both begin with S!)
Quezacoatl: Quistis (they both begin with Q!)
Ifrit: Zell (I always figured Zell was a fire guy)
Siren: Selphie (This is down to timing and the fact that Selphie always seemed a magic character. Oh and they both begin with S :P)
Brothers: Irvine / Squall (Down to timing again - you get Irvine and you want to give him a GF, so you give him the next one you come across. Defaults to Squall because I used Irvine so little).
Diablos: Squall (all a bit Gothic which I always kind of always linked Squall with)
Carbuncle: Selphie (kawaii factor 14)
Leviathan: Rinoa (This may have been timing... or the fact that Rinoa wears blue and water is also mistaken for being Blue in 75% of cases :p)
Pandemona: Irvine / Quistis (With Irvine because Guns remind me ever so slightly of wind, with Quistis because I usually swapped Irvines stuff for Quistis' ^_^)
Cerberus: Quistis / Zell (Not sure why there is a Quistis link... but I always figured that if a tough martial arts guy had a dog, Cereberus would be kind of fitting)
Alexander: Rinoa (Rinoa needed GFs, I gave her Alexander. Plus it goes well with the whole Angel imagery thingy)
Doomtrain: Quistis (Quistis became a sort of dumping ground for the more various, more status orientated GFs with me).
Bahamut: Squall (Just seems a GF that the main character should have).
Cactuar: Selphie (kawaii factor 12 - actually, this is such a cool, short, powerful GF that I gave it to just about all my characters)
Tonberry: Selphie (kawaii factor... off the scale!)
Eden: Rinoa (This is just qualifying a stereotype I think - the main girl character gets the most powerful summon)

The only real rule I suppose I had was that if a GF is cute, Selphie gets it because it fits her character :P

amarant_coral Nov 3rd, 2007 06:18 AM

I think I had:

Squall: Quetzacoatl / Diablos / Carbuncle / Cactuar / Bahamut / Eden
Quistis: Shiva / Siren / Leviathan / Alexander / Doomtrain
Zell: Ifrit / Brothers / Pandemona / Cereberus / Tonberry

... but I can't remember. I haven't been on VIII for sooooo long...

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